2017 Topics

Topic synopses are now posted! (click on image to access synopsis).

All committees except SC#18 are Dual Delegate.

Position Papers are due January 16 at 8:00 AM to your chairs. Novice 2017 Paper Format


Security Council #1 – ISIL

Chairs: Maddie Greenlief and Taylor Wasserman

Email: edisonmunsc1@gmail.com


Security Council #2 – Boko Haram

Chairs: Ryan Brown and Summer Willerth

Email: edisonmunsc2@gmail.com


Security Council #3 – Yemen

Chairs: Andrew Strauss and Kyler Arenado

Email: edisonmunsc3@gmail.com


Security Council #4 – Iraq

Chairs: Dylan Alcantara and Drew Brummett

Email: edisonmunsc4@gmail.com


Security Council #5 – Syria

Chairs: Emma Barudi and Jackie Shaffer

Email: edisonmunsc5@gmail.com

Security Council #6 – Armenia and Azerbaijan

Chair: Matt Metzger

Email: edisonmunsc6@gmail.com

Image result for western sahara conflict

Security Council #7 – Western Sahara

Chair: Cameron Drake

Email: edisonmunsc7@gmail.com


Security Council #8 – Conflict in Ukraine

Chair: Sahil Telang

Email: edisonmunsc8@gmail.com

Image result for south sudan conflict

Security Council #9 – South Sudan

Chairs: Dustin Nelson and Connor Hawkes

Email: edisonmunsc9@gmail.com

Security Council #10 – Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Chairs: Hannah Horton and Izzy Larson

Email: edisonmunsc10@gmail.com


Security Council #11 – Conflict in the DR Congo

Chair: Erika Augenstein

Email: edisonmunsc11@gmail.com

Security Council #12 – Violence in the CAR

Chairs: Franky Abrego and Ryan Barnes

Email: edisonmunnovice12@gmail.com (updated 1/9/17)


Security Council #13 – Situation in Mali

Chairs: Max Rivera and Nico Fujii

Email: edisonmun13@gmail.com (updated 1/9/17)


Security Council #14 – Myanmar

Chairs: Charlie Gibbons and Kevin Dorman

Email: edisonmunsc14@gmail.com


Security Council #15 – Somalia

Chairs: Ben Spetner and Chad Apodaca

Email: edisonmunsc15@gmail.com


Security Council #16 – Darfur

Chairs: Jordan Garth and Lauren Castelblanco

Email: edisonmunsc16@gmail.com


Security Council #17 – South China Sea Dispute

Chair: Lindsay Powley

Email: edisonmunsc17@gmail.com


Security Council #18 – D. P. R. Korea (Single Delegate)

Chair: Brad Whiteside

Email: edisonmunsc18@gmail.com

Image result for six day war

Security Council #19 – The Six Day War (Historic – June 5, 1967)

Chairs: Sarah Evleth and Lauren Neach

Email: edisonmunsc19@gmail.com

Please note Historic Security Council country assignments are unique to what the SC countries were at that time. Double check your country assignments.

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