Edison (ADVANCED) Fall Conference – Oct. 18-19, 2014

Any Questions? Contact the Secretary Generals at ehssg2014.15@gmail.com

2014 Country Matrix of Assigned Countries (updated 9/15/14)



General Assembly Committees

1st Disec – UAVs in Afghanistan and the Role of Private Military Companies in Conflict Zones

Chairs: Elijah Pittser & Garrett Wasserman

Committee email: 1stdisecehs2014@gmail.com

3rd – Upholding Religious Freedom and LGBT Rights

Chairs: Christine Nguyen & Billy Miller

Committee email: 3rdehs2014@gmail.com

4th SPD – Senkaku Islands and the Rights of Indigenous People

Chairs: Allison Surber & Garrett Babbitt

Committee email: 4thspd2014@gmail.com

6th Legal – Capital Punishment and Arctic Trade Routes

Chair: Morgan Baumgartner

Committee email: 6thlegalehs2014@gmail.com

ECOSOC Committees

CSTD – Addressing Ethical Concerns of Biotechnology and the Ethics of Stem Cell Research

Chairs: Shannon McCoy & Tatiana Chavez

Committee email: cstdehs2014@gmail.com

ECOSOC – Cross-Border Migration in Human Trafficking and Dowry

Chairs: Kayla Russick & Mira Kirilova

Committee email: ecosocehs2014@gmail.com

UNECA – Piracy in Somalia and Blood Diamonds

Chairs: Gabriela McCain & Rachel Rudolph

Committee email: unecaehs2014@gmail.com

UNHCR – Preventing Human Rights Abuses in Refugee Camps and The Situation with Syrian Refugees

Chairs: Samantha Apodaca & Jack Kerins

Committee email: unhcrehs2014@gmail.com

UNODC – Organized Crime and the Mexican Drug War

Chairs: CJ Mann & Matt Raidy

Committee email: unodcehs2014@gmail.com

UNICEF – Child Labor in Developing Countries and Addressing Child Marriage

Chairs: Kirsten Shiner & Megan Peterson

Committee email: ehsunicef2014@gmail.com

UNIFEM – Technological Violence Against Women and Access to Contraceptives

Chairs: Marlies de Jong  & Jonathan Kwok

Committee email: unfmehsfall2014@gmail.com

UNESCO – Improving education in Underdeveloped Countries and Access to Education for people with Disabilities

Chairs: Elizabeth Irving & Julia Sienski

Committee email: unescoehs2014@gmail.com

WHO – Genetically Modified Crops and Food and Addressing Overpopulation

Steffani Seiler & Kalvin Shinrock

Committee email: whoehs2014@gmail.com

Specialized Committees

World Bank

Chairs: Veronica Neach & Joanna Yuan

Committee email: worldbankehs2014@gmail.com

African Union – The Situation in the DRC and Decolonization of the Western Sahara

Chairs: Kali McCauley & Riley Stuart

Committee email: africanunionehs2014@gmail.com

Arab League – Kurdish Question and Terrorism in the Middle East

Chairs: Taylor Conner & Tatum Holdaway

Committee email: arableagueehs14@gmail.com

Historic Security Council – Korean Peninsula of 1950 and Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan (1979)

Chairs: Adam Cavecche & Ryan Modlin

Committee email: hscehs2014@gmail.com

Security Council – Syrian Civil War and Crisis in the Ukraine

Chairs: Grant Estrin & Austin Smith

Committee email: scehs2014@gmail.com

2013 Results:

Edison Fall Conference 2013 Awards Powerpoint

2012 Results:

Awards Powerpoint – EHSMUN Advanced Fall Conference (Oct. 20-21, 2012)

2011 Results:

Edison Fall MUN Conference 2011 Awards Slideshow – Final.



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